Top Employers’ Booth Concept for Groupe Renault Concept for Groupe Renault

About Project

Lemon Studio built the concept behind the Top Employers’ Booth for Groupe Renault. In the race for hiring the brightest minds at the Top Employers’ event, Lemon Studio and Groupe Renault Romania challenged the participants to test their focus.


From self-driving to mind-driving cars

The Group Renault booth became the test track of the future for 2 days. Lemon Studio’s creative team won the pitch launched by Groupe Renault Romania with the courage and novelty that the presented concept incorporated. In the activation area, the participants had an EEG placed on their head and were able to control the miniature Renault car that was built, with the power of the mind.
The man-machine interaction was facilitated by the EEG device which transformed the brain waves into electric pulses that guided the machine on the circuit.