Yildiz Entegre

Yildiz Entegre – the brand that adds value to the world.

About Project

Yıldız Entegre is one of the biggest companies in the forestry industry that exports products worldwide.
Our efforts focused on creating awareness together with loyalizing clients, building their reputation in the online environment and trying to stand out in a competitive marketplace.
Across the years, we’ve worked on various projects, keeping in mind their mission and values: to be a leading global and innovative brand and having a sustainable and influential growth in the forest industry.


From PR & VIP Events (for example, the opening ceremony for the new Yildiz Entegre factory, events for hold stackers (local authorities, press), show events organized for the entire community), and BIFE Trade Fair) to B2C Communication (adapting the messages and choosing the channel mix in order to maximize the impact of communication), Website Design and Employer Branding (positioning Yildiz Entegre as a good employer in order to attract valuable talent and ease the recruitment process, until the team is complete), we provided solutions that highlighted their innovation style and make them different than their competitors.