Lemon Studio is part of
the Buyer Brain Group

that applies consumer neuroscience to get a
deeper understanding of the consumer non-conscious biases
and context and uses those insights to build solutions
to improve customer experience, engagement and loyalty.

Repositioned to emphasize its obsession of understanding the customer context, Lemon Studio incorporates behavioral sciences, neuromarketing techniques and deep customer insights to develop and implement successful communication campaigns.

Our vision is to transform traditional advertising into a means to forge more authentic and longer lasting relationships between companies and their customers.

Our unique approach rests on 3 essential pillars:

Clear business goals

Clearly defining business goals & objectives

Consumer insights

Getting accurate, unbiased consumer insights using our neuro-powered tools

Behavioral framework

Building communication campaigns that incorporate behavioral frameworks and nudges.

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We adhere to a customer-centric
organizational culture

that empowers employees to build meaningful projects, to share knowledge across teams and to work with cutting-edge technologies. It is our belief that investing continuously in our team and in new tech, makes us stronger and better at what we do: helping our customers reach their full potential.

Successful business growth comes with great leadership, but even more so, it is driven by smart engagement tactics, relevant targeting, effective communication campaigns and loyalty building strategies. This is where Lemon Studio comes in.

Our extensive expertise with industry-leading businesses across the globe

recommends Lemon Studio as the ideal partner for complex communication projects that go beyond simply promoting a product or service. We are uniquely positioned on the market as a neuro-driven advertising agency that uses deep customer insights to design memorable and effective campaigns.

Our expertise is enriched by close cooperation with our sister company,
Terragni Consulting that is an award winning human engagement company
specialized in building solutions to enhance Customer & Employee
engagement and loyalty.