Product Launch or Repositioning

The launch or repositioning of a product is a truly daunting task because of the weight
this event carries throughout that product’s lifecycle. It can either turn out to be a sales momentum that acquires happy customers
and secures a higher turnover, or a big flop. To this end, we’ve designed a multilayered solution that answers in minute detail
to all those pesky questions that need to be checked before launching or repositioning a product.

Product Lunch/Repositioning Stages

1. The Consumer Neuroscience Research Stage

The neuro-powered research layer combines in-depth interviews with Implicit Association Testing (IAT) and a declarative questionnaire, to look at:

Your target audience’s needs and preferences

When it comes to choosing from the product category and using specific brands, in order to determine your brand’s competitive advantage in comparison to other brands on the market.

Brand trustworthiness

What creates brand trust and makes people trust your company? By looking at how brand promises align with customer expectations & values, we can determine beforehand what levels of engagement the product will have and whether it nurtures brand loyalty or not.

2. The Strategic Communication Stage

Based on the previously collected consumer insights and on our domain knowledge, our team of communication and marketing experts will draw a comprehensive communication strategy that will help your company meet its business objectives regarding the product launch or repositioning.

3. The Creative Execution Stage

This stage boils down to the straightforward creative execution of product design & packaging, branding, campaign concept, core messages and key visuals, in-store branding and online presence.
Our full-service advertising department will take care of the whole process, from production, event management, complex multichannel advertising, up to web development and in-store brand activation.





A sound brand positioning

Built on a deep understanding of the market and the needs and expectations of different customer segments.

A bulletproof launch communication strategy

That reaches each customer segment, with relevant and tailored messages sent through carefully selected communication channels and that meets the company’s business objectives.

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